Miracle Way Baptist Church

               Welcome to our site 

                          Our Website Is A Christian Website.

                             To Help People Find A Good Bible Based ,Spirit Filled ,Loving Church. 
                                  The People Here Are Loving,Warm, And Souls Truly Matter To Us.
                    Our Goal Is To Take With Us ,And Help As Many People Go To Heaven As We Can. 
                    It Doesn't Matter Who We Are,What We Are,What We Have Done,God Loves  Us All
              This Website Is First & Foremost To Honor GOD! All Praise & Glory Go To Our Lord & Savior !
                    Miracle Way Baptist Church Would Like To Invite You To Come And Worship With Us.

                                     If You Are New To The Area ,Or If You Are Looking For A Church,
                                           Come And See What God Is Doing In The Lives Of His


Miracle Way Baptist Church

    A Full Gospel Church

           Highway 85


  Reaching Out To Others.

    Repairing The Breach.

     Restoring Hearts,And 


      Equipping The Saints.  

If You Are In Need Of Prayer,And

Would Like someone Who Really

Cares To Pray With You,Please

Feel Free To Call Any Of The Following...You will find all

contact information on our

contact page.


          SUNDAY SCHOOL :

                 10 : 00 am


                  11 : 00 am


                  06 : 00 pm


                  07 : 30 pm

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